Guy Pearce to romance Sean Hayes, Timothy West joins EastEnders and BBC4’s latest foreign acquisitions

Film casting

  • Simon Pegg joins Monty Python in Absolutely Anything


  • Trailer for Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise


UK TV casting


US TV casting

New US TV shows

  • Mark Carroll

    Are we excited about any of these BBC4 acquisitions? I am thinking that maybe you've mentioned all of them before, I guess I should look back in the archive.

  • I've not seen the Scandinavian ones, but the Israeli one was the basis of the US one, which starts on Channel 4 in January, but was pretty dreadful: http://www.the-medium-is-not-e

    So I'm not looking forward to the original very much, although it hadn't even aired before they decided to adapt it so might be quite different.

  • Electric Dragon

    I have no interest in watching the US version, but Sonia Saraiya's reviews of it for the AV Club have been entertaining.

  • I didn't get further than the very dull first episode, so all power to her