Hannibal is back and the cast and crew are celebrating by wearing floral crowns

I do love Hannibal. Clearly the best new series this year, it’s clever, disturbing, beautiful to look at and filled with wonderful dialogue. I’d recommend getting it on Blu-Ray in the US, at least (extra features: Commentary from the Cast and Crew, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, Unrated Episodes, Symphony of a Slaughter), although it’s not such an obvious buy in the UK (extra features: First Look Featurette, Forensics 101 Featurette).

Thankfully, despite getting some really crappy ratings in the US on NBC, it’s been renewed for a second season and filming is just about to begin. So everybody in the cast and crew is celebrating… by wearing floral crowns.

Mads Mikkelson in a floral crown

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Laurence Fishburne in a floral crown

Caroline Dhavernas in a floral crown

Bryan Fuller in a floral crown

Michael Rymer in a floral crown