Charley says: Learn to read with Bob Hoskins in On the Move

It’s not something that people talk about much these days, but not all adults can read, even those who’ve been to school. But back in the 70s, adult literacy was a pressing concern for a government concerned about social mobility and the white heat of technology.

In 1975, in conjunction with a national government campaign, the BBC did its own little bit by creating a TV show, On The Move, that starred Bob Hoskins in one of his first TV roles. Written by Points of View presenter Barry Took, the series of 50, 10-minute episodes saw illiterate removal man Hoskins driving his van around and learning to read, in various combinations, while the likes of Nigel Stock and Patricia Hayes provided the viewer with various exercises. Along the way, various other future notables, including Martin Shaw, popped up to demonstrate the value of reading.

The show spawned two sequels, Your Move, and Right Away, but you can view some of the original Hoskins show below. The catchy theme was sung by The Dooleys, in case you’re wondering.