Happy eighth birthday to The Medium Is Not Enough

A birthday cakeHappy Birthday, The Medium is Not Enough. Yes, eight years ago (whimper), this blog emerged into the light of the Internet with its first two posts: previews of Prison Break, the not-unpopular Supernatural and the still-unseen Global Frequency; and tedious cruft about The Omega Factor.

Well, actually, it was eight years ago on Friday, but I was busy. Today’ll do.

Anyway, I’d like to thank this year’s regular and semi-regular commenters Mark Carroll, Gareth Williams, GYAD, Toby, Rullsenberg, SK, Bob the Skutter, Robin Parker, Hazel, Julia Williams and benjitek, and to welcome aboard all the new commenters who joined in this year. Your presence here ensures I carry on! Please don’t stop!

As always, though, it’s time to do some market research: if you have any suggestions for what else you might like to see on the blog, please let me know below.

Have a nice week (and, indeed, year),