What did you watch this week? Including Life of Crime, Elementary, Arrow, Vegas and Hannibal

It’s “What did you watch this week?”, my chance to tell you what I movies and TV I’ve watched this week that I haven’t already reviewed and your chance to recommend things to everyone else (and me) in case I’ve missed them.

First, the usual recommendations:

  • Arrow (The CW/Sky 1)
  • Continuum (Showcase/SyFy)
  • The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
  • Doctor Who (BBC1/BBC America)
  • Elementary (CBS/Sky Living)
  • Hannibal (NBC/Sky Living)
  • Modern Family (ABC/Sky 1)
  • Vegas (CBS/Sky Atlantic)

These are all going to be on in either the UK or the US, perhaps even both, but I can’t be sure which.

Still in the viewing queue: new show The Goodwin Games, which I’ll be reviewing on Monday, and I’ll be playing catch up with New Zealand show Harry, too.

I did give Life of Crime a go, too, in which Hayley Atwell plays a cop in three different time periods at different stages of her career. Entirely fits the template of ITV crime dramas and you could predict virtually everything that happened in each time period, with the corresponding Attitudes written in neon lights all over every character.

Now, some thoughts on some of the regulars and some of the shows I’m still trying:

  • Arrow (The CW/Sky 1): No League of Shadows, surprisingly, but everything played out in the finale pretty much as you’d expect, beyond the final twist. Overall, a very decent season, although it started to lost its edge and become a tad more Smallville than Batman Begins by the end. One to look forward to next season, certainly.
  • Continuum (Showcase/SyFy): There I was complaining there wasn’t enough cool sci-fi in the show, when up it pops in spades. For my next trick, can we have some more intelligent schemes from the terrorists, please. 
  • Elementary (CBS/Sky Living): Everything played out pretty much as I expected in terms of revelations, but in many ways better than Sherlock‘s handling of similar Sherlock Holmes facets. I also liked the fact they made Irene Adler and Moriarty one and the same. It’ll be great if they bring her back and make her a maths professor, too. A good explanation for an in-story bad accent, too. PS, New York can try to pass itself off as London, but it will always fail.
  • Hannibal (NBC/Sky Living): I’m not convinced that Hannibal should be that good in a fight, particularly not up against Demore Barnes who was in The Unit. All the same, another fascinating episode, Gillian Anderson getting more to do this week. What surprises me is that the show, which I’m thinking more and more of as a cross between Touching Evil (US) and David Cronenberg’s oeuvre, is actually capable of instilling dread in me, which is a very novel emotion of a TV show to be able to create in its audience. Magnificent, but its fate is in the balance at the moment. Please renew it, NBC.
  • Vegas (CBS/Sky Atlantic): And so it’s gone, in a somewhat underwhelming finale that mostly just tied up loose threads, left a couple dangling and let everyone pat each other on the back and say goodbye, all while Carrie Anne Moss had nothing to do, which was par for the course. A shame, since it started off with so much fire.

“What did you watch this week?” is your chance to recommend to friends and fellow blog readers the TV and films that they might be missing or should avoid – and for me to do mini-reviews of everything I’ve watched. Since we live in the fabulous world of Internet catch-up services like the iPlayer and Hulu, why not tell your fellow readers what you’ve seen so they can see the good stuff they might have missed?

  • Mark Carroll

    Hmm, I won't bother trying to find Vegas, and annoyingly I've missed a chance to watch Arrow, but there'll be others.

    I got to watch Premium Rush. It was quite good, at least pleasantly different.

    I've been watching a ton of Justified. Season three seems to be developing such that there really is implausibly much money and organized crime in rural Kentucky, but, eh, it passes the time well enough, as does CSI.

    I'm now a little way into Hannibal and liking it. It's well done.

  • tobyob

    Wasn't 'Vegas' one of those shows forced into hiatus for awhile? Sooner or later the networks will have realize they're killing the momentum on shows by doing this. And if it's just to make sure a show makes it to the all important May sweeps, then maybe the business model needs to be changed. Pick four other months in which to do the sweeps and let a show run its course naturally (barring the holidays of course – that will never change.)

  • It was done and out for a few weeks, they shifted it to a Friday timeslot and they played around with episode counts as well. Judging by the final episodes, it wouldn't surprise me if they cut its budget, too.

  • GYAD

    LONGMIRE – Is there anything more American than a cowboy cop chasing an Amerindian on a motorbike whilst rock music plays loudly?

    ELEMENTARY – Still too static, too expository and too focused on Sherlock/Watson at the expense of others.

    JO – A disastrous French attempt to do a slick American procedural, with a too-old Jean Reno and bad jokes.

    THE FALL -Yet another 'damaged cop hunts brilliant serial killer' story. Efficiently done but tedious.

    THE WALKING DEAD – Never watched it before. Well done but feels similar to so many other zombie stories.

  • I reviewed Jo elsewhere on the blog on Monday. I'm actually rather loving The Fall, too, even though it is YA serial killer story.

  • GYAD

    Yeah, I read your review of JO and felt you nailed it. THE FALL is perfectly good but, like with HANNIBAL, I'm a bit serial killer-ed out.

  • Cheers!

    I do wonder what's with all the new serial killer shows this year. There's way too many.