The Babylon 5 20th anniversary reunion panel

Babylon 5 was, in retrospect, one of the most influential sci-fi shows on the past two decades. It demonstrated that TV sci-fi could be clever and could have ongoing storylines, with proper world-building; it also showed that you could use CGI for all your space scenes, without models. It affected Star Trek: DS9 while that show was still being made.

Twenty years later, and the surviving Babylon 5 cast recently reunited with creator J Michael Straczynski for a panel in Phoenix, which you can watch below. Along for the show were: Julie Caitlin Brown, Jason Carter, Claudia Christian, Robin Atkin Downes, Jerry Doyle, Mira Furlan, Stephen Furst, Peter Jurasik, Walter Koenig, Bill Mumy, Tracy Scoggins, Pat Tallman and Andrea Thompson.

Amongst its revelations: Michael O’Hare had to leave the show because tragically, he was suffering from mental illness, including paranoia and hallucinations.



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Review: Save Me 1×1-1×2 (US: NBC)

In the US: Thursdays, 8/7c, NBC

As we showed recently, every so often, a mainstream US TV channel will take a break from its usual agnostic programming to make a play for the Christian crowd. Whether it’s Touched by an Angel, Eli Stone or Saving Grace, suddenly sinners see the light and the Truth of His word is revealed. It’ll never be exactly according to any particular denomination’s beliefs and even the question of whether it’s a He or a She is up for grabs; there may even be an atheist’s ‘get out clause’ of ‘maybe it’s a brain condition causing this’; but the general principle – do what God wants and none of things He doesn’t – remains constant.

Save Me is like a slightly more comedic, slightly less offensive Saving Grace. In common with Eli Stone, it sees an ordinary American sinner – in this case Anne Heche, playing a former weather girl and party girl – discovers after nearly dying that she is to be a prophet of the Lord and spread His word, all while polishing up her fornicating, stealing, drinking act.

Manna from Heaven for religious viewers, you might think, but the only proof you’ll find of a loving God in this particular comedy black hole is Alex Breckenridge. Here’s a trailer.

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