How pilot casting sometimes works: Alex Breckenridge demonstrates

Alex Breckenridge

I really like Alex Breckenridge. She’s a very good comedy actress who always manages to make the shows she’s in better. Plus she’s a pretty good photographer.

She does, however, have the worst luck when it comes to casting. She was the star of the short movie DEBS, but got replaced by Jordana Brewster in the feature version. She was in Dirt, but that got cancelled after two seasons. She was the best thing about The Ex-List – which was cancelled after four episodes. After a promising first season in Life Unexpected, she was in only one episode of the second season. She was in the pilot for Traffic Light and was recast. She was in the pilot for Mad Love… and was recast.

That’s got to suck.

Anyway, if you’d been following her on Twitter, you’d have known that her luck was down in this year’s pilot season.

Alex Breckenridge's first tweet

So she went proactive.

Alex Breckenridge's second tweet

The result:

Alex Breckenridge's third tweet

And the news breaks today that she’s been cast as Cooper in Cooper and Stone. That was easy. Now all she has to do is avoid being recast…