Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry reunite on Go On [video]

It’s been a scary long time since the finale of Friends (don’t think about it – it’ll make you sad) and all the various Friends have gone off to do other projects. Courtney Cox has Cougar Town right now, Lisa Kudrow has Web Therapy, Matt LeBlanc has Episodes, Matthew Perry has Go On, and David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston doen’t really like that TV thing any more, so do lots of movies that aren’t very good and no one watches. Pity that.

Guest appearances in each other’s shows have been few and far between, although Schwimmer has appeared in Web Therapy and Aniston on Cougar Town as well as Cox’s previous show, Dirt. The latest crossover sees Perry and Cox, who were of course married on Friends, reunited for the first time since Friends, this time on Go On. Here’s a clip from the episode, which airs this week (or next). Is it enough to make you want to watch (UK readers you can watch the clip, just not the advert before it. Poor you, hey?)?

  • There is no appropriate article to post this in, so this is as good as any: OK, you win. I tried six minutes, of episode six of Community, and I can take no more. I really thought I could make it to the end of this, the, hopefully, finally series, but I was wrong. I apologise to all who cautioned me against such an obviously foolish course, but my god it's shite!

  • I wish you had been wrong and we'd had another season of Community worth watching. But it's dead. It is no more. It is now a TV history lesson about what happens when you have a show that depends heavily on the showrunner's voice and you get rid of him, and the replacements don't have their own voice.