Question of the week: are you looking forward to the Thunderbirds remake?

News of the day is that Gerry Anderson puppet show Thunderbirds is going to be remade. For those not in the know (who are you?), this saw a team of brothers go into action as part of International Rescue to save people from usually very explosive danger, sometimes with the assistance of their London agent Lady Penelope.

Here’s the first episode for you to enjoy – as always, buy it if you like it:

This isn’t the first time the show will have been remade, of course, since there was a live-action movie version a few years ago (with none other than Sophia Myles playing Lady Penelope)…

…and there was an animated series, Thunderbirds 2086, more than a few years before that.

This time, not only does it have the blessing of Gerry Anderson, it’s going to combine models with CGI thanks to those nice people who did the effects work for Lord of the Rings.

So today’s quick question is:

Are you (or perhaps your children or even your children’s children) going to watch the new series when it comes out?

As always, leave your answers below or on your own blog.