The Wisdom of Ron Swanson: The Pyramid of Greatness

BBC4 has acquired NBC’s Parks and Recreations, ready to air it this year – better late than never, it being on its fourth season at the moment. Now, I stand by remarks I made a while back on Radio 5 – that it’s actually not that great a show. Sorry. I keep trying to watch it but it rarely makes me laugh.

However, there is one aspect of it that’s pure awesome: Ron Swanson, possibly the most American man in the whole wide world. His words of wisdom are wonders to behold. So, every Tuesday, to celebrate BBC4’s acquisition and to save you having to watch everything in Parks and Recreations that isn’t Ron Swanson, I’m going to be serving up some of Ron’s insights.

And where else should I start than with his Pyramid of Greatness? Next week: bacon. Once you watch, you’ll understand.