Question of the week: what films would you like to see do a crossover?

Not so long ago (okay, a couple of years ago now), I asked you which TV shows you’d like to see do crossovers. Time has moved on, though. Now movie franchises do crossovers, at least if they’re owned by Marvel Studios.

To reflect this new paradigm, this week I’m asking:

Practicalities aside, which movies would you like to see do crossovers?

So ignore who owns what rights, who’s dead, etc and let us know which movie characters you’d like to see in each other’s movies? Captain Kirk on board the Millennium Falcon? Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Twilight? Carrie Bradshaw in Kes?

And if you’re feeling very creative, how about extending it to TV characters appearing in movies?

As always, please give your answers below or on your own blog.