Today’s Joanna Page: Nativity 2 with David Tennant

Finally, it’s happened: David Tennant and Joanna Page are working together. Will the blog be able to cope? I think it’s having a lie down at the moment.

Anyway, the project in question is Nativity 2, a sequel to – you guessed it – Nativity. In this movie, David Tennant plays not one but two roles – as a teacher, Mr Peterson, and his twin brother – with Joanna Page playing his wife. Being Nativity 2, she’s pregnant, as she is in real life, and for another real-world tie-in, it’s going to be in UK cinemas on November 23, the 49th anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who.

Here’s the trailer: you may notice that he’s got his normal Scottish accent in this… I think the blog might have to go and have another lie down.