Did Aaron Sorkin really just comment on a Slate article about The Newsroom attacking Sex and the City?

Maggie in the Newsroom

So Slate’s just published a mini-takedown of the first season finale of The Newsroom for its supposed attack on Sex and the City. I won’t spoil anything for you, but here’s the scene in question in case you want it:

Now I think the author might have misinterpreted at least one scene, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. Reading the comments of the piece – which is usually a bad idea, since male Slate commenters tend to make me ashamed of my entire gender – I came across this:

Aaron Sorkin comments on a Slate article?

Now, it seems to me unlikely that Aaron Sorkin – well known lover of both the Internet and Internet commenters – would comment on a Slate article to defend his show against the heinous charge of hating Sex and the City, but I throw it out there. What do you think? Sorkin or not Sorkin? Sex and the City lover or hater?

PS And yes, they really do have those bus tours. They’re rubbish, though.