The first two minutes of Dexter’s seventh season

This actually puts me off watching the next season of Dexter. The sixth season was pretty bad but if they’re going to tread water, backpedal or have people be colossally stupid, as this suggests, I’m going to be miffed.

  • Jim Smith

    I liked the sixth season but hated both the “You fancy Dex, don't you?” thing with Deb at the end & the stupid, impossible to get out of cliffhanger. It's fallen a long way since Series Four.

  • I thought the sixth season was the first to really treat its audience as stupid (although the final episode of the otherwise excellent fifth season did the same) and to make its characters look like idiots. This looks like it's continuing in the same vein.

  • Robin Parker

    Series 6 was pretty embarrassing all round. Mos Def was about the only thing that could redeem it and he got written out pretty quickly. The 'twist' was obvious from the start but kept me watching on the presumption that it must be a red herring only to find… no, they really do think we're that stupid. And surely the nadir (bar the freezer 'cliffhanger') was Colin Hanks RUBBING OUT HIS PAINTING AND REPLACING IT WITH DEXTER'S FACE. I'm still laughing about that in the manner of Mr Burns and the 'crippled Irishman'.