Question of the fortnight: should we rename The Carusometer?

I’m off for a couple of week’s holiday from tomorrow, but I’m going to leave you all with this highly important question to ponder before I go. As you may know, The Carusometer has been this blog’s mascot, as well as the implacable, absolute determinant of TV quality, for rather a long time. 

But David Caruso, from which The Carusometer gains its power, has had his long-running TV show CSI: Miami cancelled. No more Caruso on the air.

So the all-important question I must now ask you is:

Should we find a new source for The Carusometer’s power – if so, who? – or should we continue rely on David Caruso?

It almost goes without saying that whomever you recommend needs to have the same, universally regarded acting skills as David Caruso, if such a thing is possible.

Answers below on or your own blog, please