Tuesday’s “Sanctuary cancelled, Gabriel Byrne is a viking and DC goes gay” news



  • Trailer for Whole Lotta Sole with Brendan Fraser and Colm Meaney
  • Trailer for Terrence Malick’s The Master



US TV pilots

  • I can't remember if The Riddler has been introduced to the new 52 yet, but I've always had my suspicions about him; I suspect he shall remain in the closet.

    I think it would will be a 'hero' though, even though Batwoman is already gay. Who's the biggest name not introduced already? It's hard to keep track.

  • I'm going to go for Shazam/Captain Marvel, although as a twist, make Billy straight but Captain Marvel gay. For a laugh

  • Ha! Unfortunately Shazam is a back-up story in Justice League so he's already been introduced.

  • Shaman hasn't been introduced yet – Billy has but he hasn't yet become Shazam. The time is drawing near, though, when Shazam will come… out of the closet