Question of the week: is Community doomed now that Dan Harmon has left?


Today’s news carried the somewhat shocking announcement that Community‘s creator and showrunner Dan Harmon is being replaced (involuntarily). This, of course, has got a lot of people worried. Is Community going to become more conventional and less interesting as a result? It’s also got some people excited: is Community going to become more conventional and more funny as a result?

Which turns us neatly to this week’s question:

Does replacing the creator of a show with a new showrunner ever lead to a better show?

There have, of course, been numerous cases where shows have got rid of their creator/showrunners. Rubicon‘s creator stood down as showrunner during the first episode, because he couldn’t work out how to turn the show into a series. Whether that made the show better or not, it’s hard to say, but it certainly became different. The new series of Doctor Who also became different once showrunner (and in some senses creator) Russell T Davies was replaced by Steven Moffat – some say it became better while others worse.

So can anyone think of any shows that undeniably became better once their creator departed for different climes, or can we simply assume Community is doomed now?

Answers below or on your own blog, please

  • Community has become increasing peculiar this series. It's probably become less funny, but perhaps more interesting.

    I doubt American network TV executives have much interest in programmes experimenting or messing around with structure and would rather just have another Friends

    I'd expect Community to become less adventurous, but perhaps funnier and, almost certainly inferior.

  • bob

    I want to see a decent character arc. Dan Harman was never able to deliver that. I look forward to the next season without him.�

  • SK

    Doctor Who was never the same since Verity Lambert left.

    I think Waking the Dead's best episodes came after Barbara Machin was no longer involved, didn't they? Of course I don't know whether you count that as I think she always intended to set the programme up for others to run, rather than being fired and replaced.

    Oh! There's a standard answer to this, isn't there? Blackadder.�

  • I preferred The Black Adder to the subsequent series, so no 😉

  • Electric Dragon

    �You are the only person I have ever “met” who has said that.

  • Doesn't mean I was the only one thinking it. Unless that's your 'shibboleth'.