Scrubs’ Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Ken Jenkins, Robert Maschio and others all in the same episode of Cougar Town

You may recall that Cougar Town has quite a thing for crossovers. There was the whole Community crossover last year, but Ted (the character, not just the actor) from Scrubs crossed over in that same episode as well.

Well, this Tuesday, not only is Ted and his barber shop quartet back, as well as those members of the regular Cougar Town cast who appeared on Scrubs at some point or other – Courtney Cox, Christa Miller and Bob Clendenin – we have Zach Braff (JD), Sarah Chalke (Elliot), Ken Jenkins (Dr Kelso) and Robert Maschio (the Todd) joining them as well. It’s all so much, even Ted notices something’s amiss: