Friday’s “Sky Atlantic’s Julia Davis comedy, Spiral remake and Army Wives (UK)” news



British TV

  • Channel 5 acquires Once Upon A Time
  • Julia Davis to write and star in Hunderby for Sky Atlantic
  • ITV commissions dramas about soldiers’ wives and girlfriends


  • Fox orders John Wells comedy Prodigy Bully
  • Wednesday ratings: Touch starts well
  • CBS orders comedy pilot from Rebel Wilson…
  • …and three drama pilots, including Mommy Track Mysteries, Quean and a 60s Las Vegas sheriff show from Nicholas Pileggi
  • Bebe Neuwirth to recur on The Good Wife
  • Alias‘s Kevin Weisman to recur on Awake
  • (Nearly year-old news) BBC America remaking Engrenages/Spiral

  • The other David

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!!! After the hatchet job AMC did on Forbrydelsen, I shudder to think what’ll be done on the US remake of Engrenages. The US TV landscape has dropped another notch in my view.
    P.S.: Having tracked down the original announcement in allocine (which, I think, percolated up via spoilertv and the Guardian link in the snippet), I was struck by the front pieces to the series DVDs on the spoilertv page. Obviously the person putting together the image saw they’d try and cash in the on the sex appeal of Audrey Fleurot as her picture was moved from the second tier in the first series DVD front piece to front and center in the next two series DVDs.
    P.P.S.: Here’s also hoping that the rumor on the spoilertv site about Engrenages being produced yearly is true. Go Engrenages!

  • Caroline Proust isn’t that well known in France as a TV and film actress beyond Engrenages, whereas Audrey Fleurot is in a huge number of things (I’ve even seen her in a programme on the virtues of being a redhead), so I imagine that that’s a factor at least. But yes, Fleurot is obviously more glamorous in Engrenages than Proust.

  • Mark Carroll

    Ah, thank you, that’s interesting. I’d been struck by media focus on Audrey Fleurot because I find Caroline Proust more attractive so I’d wondered if it were just me, but well-knownness is of course an important factor.