Question of the week: what new, non-US shows float your boat the most?

Bob asked last week, so this week’s question follows on from last week’s:

What new non-US TV shows have you seen recently – either that you’ve watched or only seen trailers for – that you like the look of?

They can be from anywhere except the US, including Britain, France, Canada, Australia and Scandinavia.

I’ve only seen Braquo, recently, if that helps. It probably doesn’t though.

  • SK

    I think Death in Paradise is very good at what it is, even if what it is is nothing world-shattering or likely to enrich anyone’s life in any way more than making an hour pass quite pleasingly, with a few chuckles.
    I think Fresh Meat has slightly more edge, and is pretty funny.
    I hope for some new, good programme with some real meat to it, but I haven’t seen any yet (maybe Black Mirror?).
    There doesn’t seem to have been any of that from the US either, though (I watched Pan Am episode one, and it’s lucky I had to iron some shirts for my own forthcoming transatlantic trip as otherwise I might have slipped into a coma and got deep-vein thrombosis.

  • The Fades was still my high point of the new season. Too short, but very very good. looking forward to New Year and watching it again! (On DVD)
    PS I could always watch it on Blu-Ray if I won your luscious Panasonic player… 🙂