Here’s novel: Silent Witness efiction

Silent Witness efiction

Look what Box Fiction is launching.


Seven years ago, the much-loved forensic pathologist Professor Sam Ryan, lead character of the BBC’s hit crime drama Silent Witness, disappeared from the show, never to return. In the hands of actress Amanda Burton, she had become an iconic and compelling figure watched by millions every week.

Many fans of the show have speculated what may have become of Sam Ryan since the character’s decision in the first episode of series 8 to leave detective work behind and return to her native Ireland. On November 21st, they will finally have the chance to find out, as she makes her return in a new eSeries written by the show’s creator Nigel McCrery.

ESeries are instalments of fiction published as short form episodes – a TV series that you read. Boxfiction is a new kind of digital publisher, releasing a new episode each week through their website,, to be downloaded onto laptops, tablets, mobile devices and e-readers. This revolutionary concept will launch with ‘Titan’, the first of five all-new double episodes to join the Silent Witness canon.

“Authors need to face the challenge of adapting their writing to the changing demands of audiences,” says Nigel McCrery. “People haven’t lost their appetite for the written word, what’s changing is the form and medium in which it is consumed. I’m very proud to be the first writer to work with Boxfiction and excited by the story-telling opportunities the medium creates.”

“In founding Boxfiction, we wanted writers to play with the relationship between suspense and payoff that television audiences love,” says Boxfiction Director and Founder Conrad Persons. “Reading is traditionally such a solitary pursuit – there’s no such thing as a ‘water-cooler moment’ in reading a novel. What this format enables us to do is create a community that thrives on those kind of shared experiences. We felt that Nigel, as a legendary figure in the world of the televised thriller, was the perfect writer to show what the medium can do.”

The first episode of the new eSeries of Silent Witness will be released exclusively by Boxfiction on 21st November, and a new double episode will follow each week for five weeks. The launch episode will be released for free, with each episode thereafter costing 99p to download, or users can subscribe to all ten episodes for a launch price of £5.99.


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