That Dharma & Greg/Two and a Half Men crossover you never asked for

I used to love Dharma and Greg (or at least Dharma and Greg). They were so sweet and fun together, despite being in a Chuck Lorre sitcom.

On Monday night’s episode of another Chuck Lorre, Two and a Half Men, who should make a cameo appearance but Dharma and Greg! Except it’s over a decade later and their marriage has gone a little sour, just like all of Chuck Lorre’s sitcoms. How sad. Memories – ruined.

Incidentally, I wonder what happened to that ITV remake that was planned?

  • I’m just gonna ignore that revelation about D&G and remain in touch with my memories of very happy days watching Dharma and Greg. I loved LOVED that series: they were just such an awesome couple.
    La-la-la – just plain old not listening. they’re happy in their dotage as far as I’m concerned (I was traumatised enough by the deer accident and aftermath in D&G).

  • There’s enough ambiguity in there that we can still think happy thoughts about them:

  • I liked it, not so much for how the characters turned out so many years later, but for the Toobworldian premise that life continues for TV characters even when they’re not on screen, and that they don’t stay in stasis. Everything moves on.
    But I liked Gibson’s take that it could just have been a rough day.
    Too bad they didn’t come later for the showing – they might have run into their old pal Pete, now working as a delivery guy instead of as a lawyer…..