Weird old title sequences: Jake and the Fatman (1987-1992)

Jake and the Fatman

Yes, time for a show’s whose title wouldn’t get it past the approval stage these days: Jake and the Fatman. The story of an obese police officer from Honolulu who becomes an LA district attorney (that would be ‘Fatman’) and Jake, the special investigator he works with, Jake and the Fatman was one of a long slew of not especially good cop shows that dominated 80s TV (and, ahem, CBS in general to this day). It’s pretty much what you think – Jake and “the Fatman” fought crime each week, with Jake eyeing up lots of LA women along the way and the Fatman being gruff. He also brought his bulldog along with him to help.

Strangely, the show was originally set in LA, but come seasons two, three and four, it moved to Hawaii. Then it moved back again to LA midway through the fourth season and stayed there until the end. It also launched a spin-off show, Diagnosis Murder, the repeats of which still dominate daytime TV in the UK.

But have some weird old titles to confirm you that yes, William Conrad was overweight.