Wednesday’s “Gods behaving awesomely” news



British TV


  • Re: GBB News. Marie, I have one word, and one word only:
    Am dancing round the house with excitement.

  • Marie

    It’s so bloody amazing to feature on this, my favourite media blog, as NEWS, and not just as the reigning co-champion of Sitting Tennant! *wipes proud tear from eye*

  • One day, you’re going to be so rich and famous, you’re going to be jetting around the world. You’ll go to bars with famous people where you’ll drink cocktails and have your photo taken by paparazzi. And then I will start a new feature on TMINE, with all your fans sending in the best photos of you with your favourite tipple that they can find. They’ll get points for it and everything. And it will be called…
    Phillips’ Screwdrivers!
    Man, that was laboured.

  • Phillips’ Screwdrivers. I like it…

  • [Rob, have I mentioned that I love you, lately?] Rob – for the Phillips Screwdriver joke alone, you are a hero!

  • PS Marie: am having real difficulty accessing your blog comments (REALLY REALLY not able to see/read/add to them: what does your site not like about me?!)
    So anyway: CONGRATULATIONS! You have made the TMINE news. My signed copy of Gods (from MaPhillips) is now even more treasured (remember as well: likely new edition of the book with the cast on the cover!)

  • Marie

    Lisa, that’s so odd – no idea why the comments feature doesn’t work for you. I mean I ticked the ‘no Rullsenberg’ box so that might be it. I’m still sore because you stopped me from being the outright Sitting Tennant winner last year. Seriously though, it seems strange – have you tried from another computer?
    Meanwhile I LOVE Phillips Screwdriver. I can confirm that there are many, many pictures of me holding a drink in existence, but most of them are on my hard drive, which means I automatically win. I don’t have a problem with that.