From the sublime to the ridiculous: Sky’s PR gift for Trollied

As you may recall, Sky can produce quite lovely PR gifts in an effort to get me to write about their programmes. However, this week, they’ve gone in exactly the opposite direction. To promote their new comedy, Trollied, which stars Jane Horrocks, they’ve sent me these:

Trollies gift

Utterly useless and a waste of money. What am I going to do with them except put them in the bin? Although maybe I should lay them down for an eBay auction should the show get popular. Judging by this trailer, though, it won’t, even though Ash Atalla is behind it. It starts August 8 on Sky 1 HD, by the way.

  • “However, this week, they’ve gone in exactly the opposite direction”
    Still wrote about it, though!

  • MediumRob

    There is such a thing as bad publicity. Admittedly, the trailer is probably worse publicity than my writing about their manky PR gifts. I’d have taken them to task for sending a vegetarian a pork pie, too. Except it’s plastic, so I can’t.