Friday’s “Skies not falling” news

Doctor Who


British TV


  • I happened to read the Private Eye article from a couple of weeks ago about what’s going off on Doctor Who, and thought ‘mmmm’ – all this back-room changing isn’t a good sign. The stability of a production team probably does have an impact on the programme…

  • Sorry Lisa, am being dense here, what is going off on Dr Who? Thought that was PE stirring things up?

  • Well, PE may well be stirring, but with Piers and Beth both leaving DW for pastures new (or returning to other pastures) it doesn’t bode well for a steady back-room ship of managing budgets, co-ordinating production and scheduling….
    Of course, I’ll forgive nigh everything if it means we get DW back on in the autumn evenings when its a bit darker outside.