• The other David

    That’s all really interesting, but there’s a problem — I don’t speak French. Could you (or someone else on here) provide (I realize a word-for-word translation is out of the question) a summary of what she did say? I’m intensely interested, but until there’s a Google spoken word translator, I’m (as I’m sure a few others on here) a little lost. It all sounds like Greek French to me. Thanks.

  • Sinan

    English subtitles would have been nice. Since the title was in English and all.

  • Tom

    Perhaps you should “learn” French…… I’m sure it would broaden your horizons !

  • Peter

    For all english-speaking fans, here is a summary of what she is saying 🙂
    It’s mainly about her role in the 4th season where we will see a bit more of Maître Karlsson. She always loved the mystery around this person but sooner or later you have to show more of her, show her in another context than just work. Remember, she doesn’t have a boy-friend, no family, not even a cat. That’s fascinating to a certain extent but after a while you want to see something more than just her being professional, mean and a career woman. Maybe where we see her fragile side, where she can’t cope anymore or looses control.
    She (the actor) likes it though to not always dish out easy explanations from the past (being beaten as a kid, blabla) but she feels it’s good if we know more about her, maybe see another Joséphine.

  • Sinan

    Thank you for the translation.

  • roch

    when will it be released online?

  • Janecolin2

    For those interested, posters advertising the series 4 have been put up in France, drove past one yesterday, from a quick glance, the main picture was of Mme. Karlsson..