When did David Tennant become a book critic?

“I couldn’t put it down” says David Tennant in a great big yellow circle. Well if he says so…

David Tennant becomes a book critic

  • “…because it was glued to my hands.”

  • Electric Dragon

    Note the small print: “Also available in audio, read by David Tennant”.

  • At the same time as I became a world renowned actress. Oh.

  • MediumRob

    “Note the small print: “Also available in audio, read by David Tennant”.”
    Ah. So he was telling the truth – “I couldn’t put it down… or they would have fired me.” But when did his opinion on books become important enough to be the only recommendation on a poster?

  • Okay, but beyond all that – the book is pretty compelling. I couldn’t put it down either (really.)

  • nel

    I thought it was a law in UK that everything had to have the big yellow Tennant Seal of Approval?
    I’m thinkin’ it didn’t get any other good reviews (or any reviews..) so they snagged the quote he gave when being interviewed about the audiobook.

  • Can I get a big yellow Tennant Seal of Approval please? Preferably reading “I couldn’t put her down…”

  • Electric Dragon

    Maybe it’s an edited quote. “I couldn’t put it down – I might have found it again. I had to put it in the shredder.”

  • @ ELectric Dragon. Publishers have been known to edit quotes(-:
    Actually it’s a weird thing that happens now and didn’t used to that everyone needs to have a quote from someone (preferably famous) to boost your chances in the market place, the argument being for debut authors particularly, that the competition is so fierce they need every chance they can get. Personally, I don’t think it is anymore competitive now then when I was working in publishing fifteen years ago, and I was MORTIFED when my publishers tried to get a quote for my book off a bestselling author friend, whom I know doesn’t give quotes anymore. I am also embarrassed because they keep churning out the quote I did get for my first book & I’m five books in! I approve of Margaret Atwood’s refusal to engage with this nonsense. I doubt it affects sales anyway.