Tuesday’s “fairly mediocre” news

Doctor Who


British TV

  • Royal wedding watched by 24m
  • 5USA gets third season of Sons of Anarchy [subscription required]
  • Sky profits up 24% [subscription required]


  • Who ratings have slipped? Luckily the BBC isn’t going to start farting about with the time-slot as of episode 3, or that would be really stupid!


  • THe overnight ratings are becoming increasingly irrelevant: look how episode one grew with the time-shift audience.

  • stu-n

    As Lisa R says, you can probably add a good couple of million, if not more, once the time-shifters have been added on. The consolidated figures for Impossible Astronaut matched any of Tennant’s series openers.
    Stevie the Moff seems pretty unconcerned with the overnights, unless he, like the Doctor, is lying.