BFI events

June 2011 at the BFI

Leonard Rossiter in Dr Knock

Sean Connery in the recently recovered Colombe

Time for our regular look at what TV’s on at the South Bank in London in June. As well as a preview of David Hare’s first film as writer and director for 20 years and a showing of the Helen Baxendale drama The Investigator, there’s a season of British TV recovered from the Library of Congress, including Nigel Kneale’s updating of his original BBC adaptation of 1984, and two dramas featuring the music of Kinks frontman Ray Davies.

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Tuesday’s “fairly mediocre” news

Doctor Who


British TV

  • Royal wedding watched by 24m
  • 5USA gets third season of Sons of Anarchy [subscription required]
  • Sky profits up 24% [subscription required]


Lara Logan’s back, thankfully

It’s been nearly three months since the terrible sexual assault on CBS chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan in Egypt, but thankfully, she’s now strong enough to return back to work. I’d like to embed a YouTube video of her coverage of the death of Osama bin Laden, but CBS News won’t let me, so here’s a link – typically insightful stuff from Logan.

However, last night, she went on to 60 Minutes to explain in detail what happened – for the one and only time. It’s very shocking stuff, but shows how brave she is.

Welcome back, Lara. It’s great to see you again.


Review: Engrenages (Spiral) 3×9-3×10

Bremont in BBC4's Spiral

In France: Some time last Summer
In the UK: Saturday 30th April, 9pm, BBC4. iPlayer: Episode 9, Episode 10

And so it is that as we enter the penultimate week of season 3 of Spiral, the show enters into something of a – how you say? – a high gear?

So let’s talk about alleged rape, unsuspecting rape, planned rape, prostitution rings and mistranslations from the French after the jump – and two gratuitous pictures of Josephine Karlsson (the BBC4 web site knows what it likes) and a teaser trailer that Canal+ put out where the most popular characters describe themselves, which I thought was quite interesting so decided to share.

Karlsson in Engrenages

Karlsson in Engrenages

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