Monday’s let the upfronts begin news


British TV


  • Mark Carroll

    While I was watching V, I’m not much bothered by its loss. Also-cancelled SG:U was probably better. There does seem to be a shortage of reasonable science fiction within my reach, though.

  • SK

    I’d quite liked to have seen the rest of V, though since VirginChannel One is no more, I doubt I shall.

  • [Rob, have I mentioned that I love you, lately?] Thank you SO much for mentioning our Nemo project! We are very proud of it, and LOVE YOU, ROB!!!

  • George

    Am I the only one who things Gemma Atherton is MASSIVELY over rated?
    I will miss Smallville….
    V was well.. pants. I wanted to to be good but like Survivors and many others it couldn’t hit the right note.
    SGU …. I will miss you too… you where hte quite kid in the corner… you promised so much but couldn’t deliver in time.
    Incidentally we all love Rob… I mean.. *ahem* he the man!

  • Sk

    She does seem to have a profile way out of proportion to the projects she’s actually been involved in.