Random Acts of Ali Larter: random charity work in leather pants

Well, Ali may have only had her baby three months ago, but already she’s randomly stepping out in leather pants and big boots to do things like go to random charity Baby Buggy Thursday. Impressive. But she’s also been meeting up with fellow randomeer, Katherine Heigl, at a wedding. Heigl, presumably at Ali’s instigation, ended up jumping in the swimming pool in full outfit.

Meanwhile, ScarJo, who’s randomly going out with a 50-year-old (that’s probably a bit too random), is busily trying to stop Republicans from destroying another random charity, Planned Parenthood, which helps to fund women’s healthcare centres:

And fellow randomeer Amber Heard would really rather like it if you supported the Million Women’s Heart Project, which is a campaign to get 1 million women in the US screened for heart disease.