Dumb things around Cardiff: Oh! What’s Occurrin? and the Ianto Jones memorial

I went away to Cardiff for the Easter weekend. Lovely place, but it turns out there’s a fair degree of TV-related mentalism in and around town.

First off, we went to Barry Island! Yes, Gavin & Stacey land. Turns out the funfair only starts at 12.30, even on bank holidays. That’s mental. We did at least get to play pirate mini-golf along the seafront though.

But Barry Island is keen to cash in on the popularity of Gavin & Stacey. Look:

Oh! What's Occurrin' gift shop

Yes, it’s the Oh! What’s Occurrin’? gift shop. Enterprising.

Meanwhile, back in Cardiff, we went along Mermaid Quay and had a look at what used to be Torchwood‘s back entrance (ho, ho).

The Ianto Jones memorial

Yes, it’s the Ianto Jones memorial, complete with little flowers. FFS, you mentals, he’s a fictional character.