Question of the week: what do women want from a TV channel?

Obviously, this question is as easy to answer as the question “what do men want from a TV channel?” but let’s give it a go, since Sony is launching a TV channel in the UK called Sony Entertainment Television on April 7th (Sky Channel 157). According to their PR, “The channel is aimed at females offering a wide range of programmes and movies from engaging comedies to heartfelt dramas.”

This apparently means Hawthorne, The Da Vinci Code, Las Vegas, Til Death and Hotel Babylon among other things. Oh dear.

My initial thought when I heard this was “Why does Sony hate women?” or ‘females’ as they put it. But who knows? After all, Sky Living and Oxygen have both managed to attract loyal, predominantly female audiences through a combination of tear-jerking movies, reality TV, make-over shows, low-quality action shows that happen to have female leads and stuff about psychics. So let’s ask a question:

What do women want from a TV channel? Is it as complicated as “Good TV” or is Sony onto something here? Or perhaps the question should be “Women, what do you want from a TV channel?”

Answer whichever question you feel like answering.

As always, leave a comment with your answer or a link to your answer on your own blog