March 2011 at the BFI

Time for our regular look at what TV’s on at the South Bank in London in March. There’s not much, unless you’re an Alan Plater fan, in which case there’s an awful lot.

  • 2nd: Z-Cars: Brotherly Love + Softly Softly: Sleeping Dogs + TV World: The Truth Game
    Two episodes written by Alan Plater, followed by Plater discussing his writing techniques.
  • 5th: A Very British Coup
    All three episodes.
  • 7th: Smashing Day + Play for Today: The Land of Green Ginger
    Two plays by Alan Plater, including his earliest surviving work.
  • 16th: Capital Tales: Time of Our Lives
    Richard Harris stars in this story about five generations of East Enders.
  • 19th: Coming Through + Bookmarks: Selected Exits
    Biographies of DH Lawrence and Gwyn Thomas by Alan Plater.
  • 21st: Plater: The Man and His Work – a tribute and panel discussion
    Lee Hall, Barbara Flynn and David Rose discuss the work of Alan Pater.
  • 21st: Screen One: Doggin’ Around + ITV Playhouse: Short Back & Sides
    Two plays by Alan Plater.
  • 31st: Trinity Tales: The Wife of Batley’s Tale + Play for Love: The Party of the First Part
    Alan Plater updates a Chaucer classic and a comedy play.

Champions’ priority booking: 11.30am January 31
Members’ priority booking opens: 11.30am February 1

£7.60 (members)
£5.25 (member concs)
£9.00 (non-members)
£6.65 (non-members concs)
Under 16s £5.

All shows are £5 on Tuesdays. Conc prices are available to senior citizens, students, unwaged and disability visitors. Proof of eligibility may be required.

As always, visit the BFI web site for more details.

  • Drat: I’d have probably legged it to London to see ‘A Very British Coup’ but I’m otherwise committed. Boo. A brilliant piece of work that is.