NBC tries to make us all watch The Cape

The Cape in New York

NBC is trying its very hardest to get us to watch The Cape, which starts on Sunday at 9pm ET before moving to Mondays on the 17th. It’s about an ordinary guy (Vince Faraday, played by David Lyons) who decides to become a superhero and despite the presence of Summer Glau and Vinnie Jones in the cast, everything about it that I’ve seen suggests “complete cobblers” and makes me wonder why they cancelled Heroes.

Look – see for yourself.

Looks rubbish, huh?

All the same, NBC is pulling out all the stops in an effort to get this probable turkey to fly. This week, it’s been fitting capes to statues in New York. Beneath each statue is a plaque that details the historical figure’s greatest achievement and similarities to Faraday. Visitors to the statues will also be able to enter the “Hero Behind the Cape” giveaway via FourSquare and Twitter. By checking in at the location of a statue, tweeting a picture of yourself with the statue with the hashtag #herobehindthecapeswps or by direct messaging the official Twitter account, you can enter yourself into a competition.

One winner will be chosen each day between January 5-9 and receive an Apple iPad. The grand prize winner will receive the full “Hero” treatment in New York City: a luxurious dinner for two, limo service, two tickets to the taping of an NBC audience show and an Apple iPad.

The Cape in New York

Sounds good, but you’re still not going to watch it, are you?

  • bob

    I really like the look of it. I haven’t got into any new shows (the autumn/fall crop were all abysmal). This is the only one that has really sparked my interest.

  • AndyB

    Just watched the first episode and it was, as you suspected, cobblers. Felt like a 40 minute trailer – as if a feature length origin story had been cut down to fit into a single episode, jumping from scene to tenuously-connected scene in a mad dash to tick all the boxes.
    I’ll give it another episode or two in case it picks up, but not a promising start.

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