A cinema code of conduct from Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo

The Wittertainment code of cinema-going condct

You know what it’s like when you go to your local multiplex on a Friday or a Saturday night – Hell on Earth, right? It’s full of evil half-humans who simply can’t be bothered to go down the pub or stay at home to have a conversation with their friends, a phone call, a meal, conduct a hobby, have a fight, dance or anything else except WATCH THE BLOODY MOVIE.

Now Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo of Radio 5 Live’s world-famous film show and podcast have come up with a code of conduct for cinema-goers. Print it and laminate it if you want, or show people this video if you want to explain their sins to them.

  • Pure genius. Can someone do one for music gigs please? I’m getting tired of being the grump telling people to ‘SHUT THE F*** UP’ whilst every song is being performed.
    If cinema is £8.50 per ticket, why would someone pay c.£20-30+ to yak?!

  • bob

    Adam and Joe did that a while back (if you didn’t listen to them on bbc6 Music then… well, you missed out is all…).
    Adam and Joe Gig Manifesto
    I think. Haven’t checked the link since I am *ahem* at work…

  • bob

    Oh and the Adam and Joe Cinema Manifesto.
    Erm, yes back to work me.

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