Question of the week: who’s your favourite comics-inspired TV or movie character?

Wonder Woman

Comics are just one of the many sources of characters that movies and TV shows have draw on for inspiration – and continue to draw on. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen TV show versions of both Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk mooted. Both of course were adapted for TV in the 70s, and Spiderman, Batman, The Green Hornet and others have all had TV shows. The movies have also adapted the likes of Watchmen, Green Lantern, Electra, Daredevil, Blade, the Fantastic Four et al.

So this week’s question is:

Who’s your favourite TV or movie comic book hero and why?

The advanced respondent can, of course, cheat by talking about characters in TV and movie who have ended up in comic books (eg Buffy, Angel, Chloe Sullivan, Doctor Who, The Thing from Another World, Heroes) if they so prefer it.

As always, leave a comment with your answer or a link to your answer on your own blog

  • George

    Silver age Superman – Who can beat the man of steel
    Modern Age Dredd (hopefully the re-image and not Sly) – He is the LAW!

  • Mark Carroll

    Hmmm, most of the comic books I read would either be difficult to adapt, or have to be massacred to pass censors — Lucifer, Preacher, etc. But, thinking of adaptations … V for Vendetta, Sin City, etc. … I think I most liked Rorschach from Watchmen. (And, the change to the ending, I like too.) He’s not the most glamourous hero, perhaps, but nothing more obvious is springing to mind — not that I didn’t quite enjoy Patrick Warburton’s Tick! Big-budget things like the Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man films of recent years haven’t exactly blown me away, though it’s nice that Robert Downey Jr’s apparently become more reliable an actor again.

  • I think ‘Superman’ in various incarnations has always been the best suited for adaptation. The first Reeve movie did a very nice job establishing the legend with the Krypton moments. (And the opening credits still choke me up with the promise of what’s to come.)
    I watched the TV version as a kid (well after the original run though) and for the time and technological capabilities it still stands up. I just wish they invested in getting the rights to some of the villains from the comics. Low grade crooks were a waste of Superman’s talents.
    And taking them as a whole (with Frank Gorshin as the stand-out), I’d go with the Rogue’s Gallery of villains on the 1966 ‘Batman’. You can tell those actors were just having a ball playing dress up!