Third-episode verdict: The Good Guys

The CarusometerA Carusometer rating of 4

Time for a third-episode verdict on Fox’s The Good Guys, in which Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford play a pair of ill-matched cops in dead-end jobs, who somehow always manage to end up doing something ‘explosive’.

Not much’s changed since the first two episodes except that the third episode has aired and it was quite dull. While the first two episodes were lifted by the presence of a charismatic and fun guest character, the third episode relied on the two central characters for humour. And there ain’t much in them, beyond the obvious – Bradley Whitford is old, inappropriate, ignores the rules and can’t deal with computers; Colin Hanks is uptight and pining after his ex-girlfriend. Not much to work with, is there?

While there’s a certain fun to be had in seeing how the generic property crime of the week (this week, vending machine vandalism) escalates into machine-gun fights, car crashes, etc, the Hanks/ex- relationship does have an appeal, and the time-jumping narrative device is clever, there’s not enough to be found in the other aspects of the show to sustain interest.

So despite the talent of Bradley Whitford and his fabulous moustache, I’m quitting after three episodes. If it gets better, let me know.

Carusometer rating: 4
Rob’s prediction: Won’t make it to a second season, might even be cancelled sooner