Review: Doctor Who – 5×9 – Cold Blood

Cold Blood

In the UK: Saturday 29th May, 7pm, BBC1
In the US: Saturday 12th June, 9/8c, BBC America

Well, blimey. You could knock me down with a feather. A Chris Chibnall story that’s a very close approximation to good. Will wonders never cease?

Spoilers and general tomfoolery after the jump.

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The Black Adder pilot episode resurfaces

Did you know Blackadder had a pilot episode? Me neither, but it’s just surfaced on YouTube and now you, too, can see it. You might notice one or two casting changes, including a different Baldrick (Philip Fox), a different Harry (Robert Bathurst), a different King (John Savident) and the fact it seems a whole lot more like Blackadder II than The Black Adder. Interesting, no?

[via @feelinglistless]