Big Train sketch of the week: do you speak English?

It’s Monday again, so it’s time for the ‘Big Train sketch of the week’. Today, “Do you speak English?” with Simon Pegg, Kevin Eldon and Amelia Bullmore.

Because that’s what the Star Wars cantina scene really needed – Noel Gallagher and David Beckham

Lucasfilm has a reputation for messing around with the original Star Wars, adding in CGI, changing the story – you know, little things. Now it’s put together a remixed version of the famous, much messed around cantina scene for an Adidas ad.

As well as Harrison Ford and Alec Gunness, the remixed scene now features David Beckham, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, Franz Beckenbauer, Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown, Ciara, Jay Baruchel and DJ Neil Armstrong. Enjoy?


Monday’s double dwarf news




British TV



Lost Gems: Saracen (1989)

The cast of Saracen

Barber firing a gun in Saracen

Starring: Christian Burgess, Patrick James Clarke, Ingrid Lacey, Michael Byrne, John Bennett
Price: £29.99
Amazon price: £17.93
Network DVD price: £16.99
Released: June 7th 2010

The Professionals remade by the producers of Inspector Morse. Excited yet?”

A year ago, that’s how I would have started this Lost Gem for Saracen, a 1989 show which never got repeated, released on DVD, uploaded to YouTube or made available to the public in any way since its first broadcast nearly 21 years ago*.

Saracen, launched on the back of a pilot movie the previous year called The Zero Option, centred around the operatives of Saracen Systems, a private security company that exclusively hires ex-special forces soldiers for its protection work around the world.

Starring British actor Christian Burgess and American actor Patrick James Clarke as the ex-SAS David Barber and the ex-Delta Tom Duffy (B&D – Bodie and Doyle anyone?), it was an action-packed but thoughtful show that looked at geopolitical issues, the morality of various industries (including the security and weapons businesses) and the armed forces.

And I remembered it as being a bit dull, honestly. It has great music by Barrington Pheloung (Inspector Morse) and I had it on VHS for a long time, but I ditched my copies in the mid 90s on the general grounds that it wasn’t all that.

But Network DVD are nice enough to be releasing all 13 episodes and the pilot movie on DVD on Monday and in a nice reversal of the usual “memory cheats” syndrome (that is, you remember something from when you were younger as being good but it turns out when you re-watch it that it’s rubbish), Saracen turns out to be actually a very good show indeed that my poor little 17-year-old brain couldn’t take. It takes a little time to find its feet and work out how to balance smartness and action, but it does manage it.

It also help that Ingrid Lacey from Drop the Dead Donkey is in it.

Here’s the introduction from the first four episodes that explains the set-up, together with a bit of action from the first episode. I’ve also added for nostalgia freaks a trailer with the series highlights that originally aired on ITV back in the day that I’ve been saving up for over a year – that’s how far in advance I prepare some of these things. Impressed much? Thought not.

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Sitting Tennant

Tuesday’s Sitting Tennant (week 22, 2010)

Rachel's Sitting Tennant

This week’s captionable Sitting Tennant comes from Rachel. Try not to be too dirty with the captions.

  1. Rullsenberg: 150
  2. Erin C: 130
  3. Sister Chastity: 120
  4. Toby: 110
  5. Rachel: 90
  6. Sabine: 60
  7. Karen: 35
  8. Dawn: 10
  9. kellyann06: 5

In captionland, everyone was just so fabulous, I’ve awarded them all 10 points. Well done to them and good luck this week!

  1. Toby, Rullsenberg, Marie: 110
  2. Electric Dragon: 105
  3. Jane Henry: 55
  4. ecg: 50
  5. Rachel: 45
  6. SK: 25
  7. Sabine: 20
  8. kellyann06, Sister Chastity, Dani, Alex: 10
  9. whogal, Joe B: 5

Got a picture of David Tennant sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between? Then leave a link to it below or email me and if it’s judged suitable, it will appear in the “Sitting Tennant” gallery. Don’t forget to include your name in the filename so I don’t get mixed up about who sent it to me.

The best pic in the stash each week will appear on Monday and get ten points; the runners up will appear on Friday (one per person who sends one in) and get five points.

You can also enter the witty and amusing captions league table by commenting on Monday’s Sitting Tennant photo, the best caption getting 10 points, everyone who contributes getting five points.