Steven Moffat and his heterosexual agenda

Karen Gillan in a mini-skirt

Dear God. Curse that Steven Moffat and his heterosexual agenda. Sexiness in Doctor Who? No. No, no, no, no, no. Since when has Doctor Who been anything more than innocent, unsexual fare for kiddies? I’m going to write a strongly worded letter to the…  

Oh hang on.

Wendy Padbury in a catsuit

Well apart from her. She was a brainy scientist type in a totally authentic outer space librarian outfit.

Liz Shaw in a mini-skirt

And her, cos she was a brainy Cambridge scientist type. They all wore mini-skirts like that in the 70s.

Leela in leathers

Oh definitely apart from her. She’s from outer space – that’s authentic outer space tribeswoman that is.

Tegan in Doctor Who

She doesn’t count – she’s Australian.

Peri in Doctor Who

She’s American. And the producer was gay, so it was entirely innocent.

Peri in a bikini

Oh bugger. Oh well, so much for that idea.