Random Acts of Ali Larter: Doing backflips and giving out cupcakes

Ali Larter at Wondercon with Milla Jovovich

Ali Larter at WonderconAli Larter at Wondercon

Our Ali’s been at Wondercon this weekend, promoting – she even gave out cupcakes – her shiny 3D movie Resident Evil: Afterlife – done in proper James Cameron Avatar 3D rather than pikey “five minutes in a ZX Spectrum” 3D à la Clash of the Titans, mind.

Look, there’s a trailer for it now, albeit in 2D since the 3D one looks bizarre if you’re not wearing 3D glasses:

Athletic Ali, no? She also answered questions – if you squint:

Or not:

And might have commented on the chances of a season five of Heroes, too:

Larter told the crowd of fans, “I think we’re coming back for Heroes for another season.” However, she was quick to add, “I think, but I’m not sure. So you guys have to go and blog and get on there.”

Larter went on to say, “It’s been such a thrill being on that show and I hope that we have the chance to sort of wrap up those storylines for all the fans of it.”

Have you seen Ali Larter acting randomly? If so, let us know and we’ll tell everyone about it in “Random Acts of Ali Larter