Life Unexpected/Being Erica season 3/UK version update


Liz Tigelaar, the creator/show-runner of Life Unexpected, gives an interview over here in which as well as confirming the low budget of the show, she explains:

  • Alex Breckenridge was supposed to be in the final episode but actually did get sick so couldn’t fly up from Los Angeles for filming
  • If the budget were bigger, Breckenridge would be a series regular
  • Most of the problems with the supporting cast getting swapped out have been due to actor availability as well as budget.

However, it looks like today is Being Erica news day today. Tigelaar drops a strong hint that season three of Being Erica is a go since Erin Karpluk will only be available for the second half of season two of Life Unexpected at most because of filming conflicts (if there is a season two, of course). We’ll know the answer by the end of the week, apparently.

Meanwhile, Big Talk Productions is planning a UK remake of the show, swapping the title character’s therapist for an NHS worker and relocating the action from Toronto to Glasgow. What do you think? Good idea or just show the original on a better network than E4 and with more publicity?

UPDATE: has more information on the British remake. You don’t think they were cribbing from here, do you?