What have you been watching this week? (w/e January 8)

New Year’s here and we’re all snowed in, so hopefully we’ll all have been watching a load of tele. Apart from the stuff I’ve reviewed already, here’s what I’ve been watching:

  • 18 To Life: A new Canadian comedy about to 18-year-olds who decide to get married. One’s the son of a straight-laced Jewish family, the other is the daughter of a bunch of right-on hippy-types. It has to be said, it’s even less funny than it sounds, although the casting’s quite good and nothing’s done in an OTT Dharma and Greg kind of way. I gave up before the end – you probably will too.
  • The Day of the Triffids: Probably the scariest version so far, it had a whole lot going for it, managed to amp everything up a notch by dumping the irrelevant and dull parts of the book, and fleshed out Jo’s character. The Triffids were very well done, too. However, it was basically killed stone dead by having Eddie Izzard as the baddie. He came close to menacing a few times, but he couldn’t even walk in an unfunny way, let alone deliver dialogue without making you want to smirk at his semi-American accent and occasional tendencies to become James Mason.
  • Above Suspicion: Now I watched the first one of these back in January last year and it was all right. It was a complete retread of Prime Suspect, but starred the insanely hot Kelly Reilly, so I was able to overlook its faults. This year’s three-parter couldn’t sustain my interest until even the end of the first episode. My, there was some bad acting and dialogue going on there. Sure, no one on British TV does realistic looks at police procedure as well as Lynda La Plante, but this was clunky and obvious and not even Kelly could save the day. Plus, yet again, it’s another poor woman being hacked to death by a serial killer. Could we have a little variety please?

What have you been watching though?

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