What have you been watching this week? (w/e December 18)

Firstly, I can’t believe no one noticed I copied and pasted the intro last week from an old entry. In Israel again? Losing my luggage again? Surely not.

Anyway, that aside, secondly, this is the last “What have you been watching this week?” before Christmas, so let’s make it special, hey? Give the present of your TV recommendations to your friends.

  • Dexter – I should have done a “Season finale” review by now, but I haven’t. Slave-drivers at work won’t let me blog. Curse them. Fortunately, I’m still not sure what I think, so I can prevaricate so more. It was bold, it was interesting, it resolved things. I just don’t know whether – or whether I didn’t – like it. I just don’t know.
  • Community – A return to form for the Christmas episode, which has to have been one of the best Christmas episodes of any show I’ve seen. And I really didn’t recognise Anthony Michael Hall throughout the entire episode.
  • Misfits – Hopefully a series finale review coming soon. But that was a cracker of an ending.
  • Gavin & Stacey – Not very funny this week. More about the pathos, but the ceremony at the end redeemed it in the comedy stakes.
  • The Thick Of It – Another relatively sad one, but a good return to form by the end. Loved the fact that Tom Hollander has arrived as the mirror-Malcolm.
  • Paradox – Possibly the least stupid episode so far, but also probably the least interesting. Is there some sort of correlation going on?
  • Men of a Certain Age – Time and work meant I didn’t manage to do that review I promised. It got better by the end of the first episode, but it feels like a whiny bunch of moaners. I didn’t like Ray Romano moaning about his not-bad life on Everybody Loves Raymond. I still don’t. Scott Bakula’s great though.
  • 30 Rock – Not bad. That’s about as much as I remember.
  • Better off Ted – I thought I’d give this a go soon it got good word of mouth over the summer. I’ve watched two episodes now and they’ve been what I would describe as “gentle comedy”. There are a few nice moments per episode and I still love Andrea Anders from Joey/The Class, but it’s too divorced from reality to be truly engrossing.
  • Cougar Town – Caught up with the backlog. Still nothing sensational about it, but it’s a solid half hour with a guaranteed laugh or two each episode and the characters are now all sympathetic and likable.
  • My Ugly Best Friend – Obviously pure evil from the outset and now I’ve seen it, I can confirm it really is pure evil. I’m also less than convinced those two women were friends.
  • CSI: Dark and a little bit silly. Interesting to see how they’re bringing in the recurring villain this season

What have you been watching though?

As always, no spoilers unless you’re going to use the <spoiler> </spoiler> tags, please. If you’ve reviewed something on your blog, you can put a link to it here rather than repeat yourself (although too many links and you might get killed by the spam filter).


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