Today’s Joanna Page: Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

I’m sure you all tuned in to watch Joanna Page on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross last week. If you didn’t, you missed a clip from the third series of Gavin & Stacey as well the information that it’s going to be broadcast next month (no news about when it’ll be making its way over to BBC America, I’m afraid). Bad luck.

Anyway, just for your delectation, here she is again, courtesy of YouTube (unfortunately, sans Gavin & Stacey clip. You’ll have to go to the iPlayer for that: the interview starts at about 24 minutes in). It’s worth watching, even if you’re not a big Joanna Page fan, because

  1. You get to see Jonathan Ross out-talked by a woman
  2. You get to see the kind of speed the women of Swansea talk at if you’ve never seen it before (yes, lovely wife does talk that quickly)
  3. If you stick around until the end, you get a really cracking joke from Jo that leaves Jonathan speechless. Nice

Next time, it’ll be Adrenaline Junkie, where our Jo beats a bunch of blokes at powerboat racing and more. Cracking.