No third-episode verdicts for….

Well, there’s so much new stuff on tele right now, I simply can’t fit all the shoes into my viewing schedule. So I’ve dropped a few already.

  1. Smallville: Yes, I’ve been watching for nine seasons now, but I’m bored and the show’s ludicrous now.
  2. Eastwick: We started watching episode two, and both the scripts and the acting had gotten worse. Bored, bored, bored. And FFS, we know he’s the devil. Stop stringing it out
  3. The Forgotten: Again, boring: the characters were uninvolving and the scripts bad. Worse, were the relentless voiceovers from the victims "Oh the most terrible part about my being killed was never been able to return home." No, it bloody wasn’t. It was getting killed and you’re dead so shut up.
  4. Mercy: a relentlessly derivative opening to episode two meant that I turned off after two minutes. And Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek: Voyager pretending to be white trash? I don’t think so.

Still, Modern Family‘s second episode was very good, and Cougar Town‘s was all right, if a bit more dramatic than funny. That’s got to be a plus, right?