November at the BFI

Time for our regular look at what TV’s on at the South Bank in London in November. Quite a lot of tele this month as part of the Radical Television Drama season, but nothing else except for the Queen in 3D. Seriously.

  • 4th: The Wednesday Play: The Big Flame+ discussion with Tony Garnett 
    Docu-drama following striking dockers in Liverpool.
  • 4th: The Wednesday Play: Up the Junction + Diary of a Young Man (episode 1)
    Two Ken Loach films, one by Nell Dunn, one by Troy Kennedy Martin. 
  • 8th: The Wednesday Play: Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton + Play for Today: All Good Men
    Dennis Potter’s attack on the party political system, followed by Trevor Griffiths’s blistering polemic on the left/right struggle.
  • 12th: TV preview: The Queen in 3D
    Yes, 3D films of the Queen that will be part of Channel 4’s The Queen in 3D.
  • 13th: Scum + Q&A
    The famous play set in a borstal that launched Ray Winstone’s career. Q&A will include producer Margaret Matheson and writer Roy Minton.
  • 16th: Play for Today: Bloody Kids
    Stephen Poliakoff’s drama about a kid who fakes being stabbed in the chest
  • 18th: TV sold to the highest bidder – Thatcher’s television revolution
    Raymond Snoddy chairs a panel including Sir Michael Grade, Alasdair Milne, Tony Garnett and David Rose to examine the impact of Thatcherism on drama.
  • 18th: Play for Today: The Black Stuff
    The play that spawned Boys From The Black Stuff.
  • 19th: John Hill: from the The Big Flame to Leeds – United!
    How TV responded in drama to the industrial conflicts of the 60s and 70s.
  • 25th: Play for Today: Leeds – United! + Q&A
    The fight of women clothing workers in Leeds for better pay in 1970. Followed by Q&A with producer Kenith Trodd, writer Colin Welland and director Roy Battersby.
  • 26th: Oi for England + Made in Britain
    Neil Pearson in Trevor Griffiths’ play about the National Front, followed by Tim Roth as a disaffected skinhead.
  • 29th: Play for Today: United Kingdom + Q&A
    A left-wing council is removed from office after overspending. Directed by Roland Joffe. Q&A with producer Kenith Trodd.

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Under 16s £5.

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