Happy fourth birthday to The Medium Is Not Enough

The Medium is Not Enough is four years old

A birthday cake

Happy Birthday, The Medium is Not Enough. Yes, four years ago (sort of – it was yesterday actually – subject to blog migration, blog splitting, blog reunions, etc), this blog emerged into the light of the Internet with its first two posts: previews of the just-deceased Prison Break, the not-unpopular Supernatural and the still-unseen Global Frequency; and tedious cruft about The Omega Factor (which I’m really not going to write a review of after all, except when I get stuck for a Lost Gem).

What we’ve learned this year
In our fourth year, we discovered the following ten exciting things:

  1. David Tennant is as popular sitting down as he is standing up.
  2. That while captioned pictures of David Tennant sitting down will get you lots of comments and even interest from the weirdest locations, ultimately, articles about Joanna Page or Ali Larter, preferably including the words ‘naked’ or ‘sex’, will attract vastly more interest from Google – albeit not many comments.
  3. Ali Larter’s and Joanna Page’s popularity are considerably dwarfed by Sarah Beeny’s, even without the use of the word ‘naked’ or ‘sex’. Either that or there’s something going on with the housing market at the moment.
  4. David Tennant fans are more loyal and dynamic than Richard Armitage’s, although Richard Armitage’s head turns out to be the Muse of haikus.
  5. Six episodes may – or may not – be the natural length for any TV series.
  6. No amount of begging will make anyone watch programmes on S4C.
  7. Heroes is finally getting better.
  8. You all still loves Doctor Who. Well, almost all of you.
  9. The best invention in the world is Rob’s Great Blonde Elevator.
  10. Twitter allows me to make passing comments on TV shows that I can’t quite be bothered – or have time – to blog about.

Over the last year, there have also been a few changes.

  • We finally got a proper URL, rather than the cack old one I used to use.
  • We’ve seen the launch of Random Acts of Ali Larter, which approximately three people understand the true point of, including me. But even if you don’t, you can still enjoy it.
  • Dick Heads came, went, then came back again.
  • Sitting Tennant’s logistics became somewhat trickier and now involves flowcharts on a wall.
  • The new ‘Meme of the week’ seems to be doing quite well for itself.
  • People really do want to help their fellow TV viewers in ‘What have you been watching this week?’
  • There were some quite weird title sequences back in the 70s.
  • Canadian TV has come on by leaps and bounds of late, although appears to have run out of money as well.

    I’d like to say a great big thank you again to AnnaLisa, Marie, Matt, Rosby, Scott, Stu_N, Stu, other Scott, Stuart, Iko, Poly, espedair, kaballa, Electric Dragon, Linda, cindylover1969, Fraser, Kev, Craig, Lesley, Jonathan, Cackle Jr, Murray, Mark, Toby, Phoenix, Persephone, Jane, TemplarJ, Vin, Chris and Andrea for continuing to hang around and contribute with always entertaining comments.

    I’d also like to thank Dan, Rev/Views, Aaron, Jaradel, Nik, Joe, Bob and Sister Chastity for joining in with the fun this year.

    Apologies to infrequent commenters and anyone I left out but my brain hurts – you know what I’m like with names. But you’ve all been absolutely wonderful to be here, join in and interact with my baffling ramblings.

    Fingers crossed, the fun’s just going to keep on rolling on for another year. Hope you continue to enjoy your stay! And if you have any suggestions for what else you might like to see on the blog, please let me know below.

    Have a nice week,